Welcome to the Labs

Here we test crazy ideas and random research. There are currently no ongoing experiments, but you can check out previous and upcoming experiments below. Stay tuned for future experiments!

Experiment 1: Slingshot Grid Size Closed

For our first experiment, we had the user identify and click on a given icon. The icon was shown ahead of time, then placed into a random position within a grid containing other icons in a random size and assortment (within constraints). The user was then timed. The user was encouraged to complete the test multiple times. After thousands of user-submitted tests, we used the data to see which grid sizes were the most effective. View Experiment 1.

Experiment 2: Wallpaper Selection Closed

For our second experiment, we show the user two random wallpapers and have them identify and click on the one they like better. The wallpapers are randomly pulled from our large selection of potential wallpapers. The pairings themselves are random as well. The user is encouraged to repeat the test multiple times to compare many wallpapers. After thousands of user-submitted tests, we will use the results to rank the wallpapers as an aid in choosing the best ones for our next release. View Experiment 2.